Privacy Policy


The privacy policy describes how we use the information provided by our users. This policy may be updated fully or partially at any point of time as deemed suitable to the company.



Data Security

At Quickhal, we make every effort to maintain the security and integrity of the date created, published or distributed to the others of Quickhal in the form of any personal information, passwords, physical security or encryption. We provide a completely secure mechanism to prevent any misuse, loss, unauthorized access, modification and disclosure thereof. However, data transmission or security cannot be guaranteed due to worldwide internet access, but once the data comes into our possession, we will take adequate steps to protect your personal information.


Confidentiality of Information

Users who intend to use Quickhal for any of our services must agree and accept to maintain the confidentiality of the information and ensure that the information users intent to render, is bound for publication on enabling other users of Quickhal to access their information thereafter. The authenticity must me ensured through all of the postings of the user, failing which the user will be held solely responsible for any act of such violation. Users should further agree to the terms of Privacy Policy of Quickhal to avail or use all the features.



The information published by the users is visible publicly to other users for storage and transfer. By posting content on our website, you agree to authorize us for collection as well as dissemination of the information across the relevant audience. Your personal information includes your email address, contact details, published ad data and other details pertaining to the user.



We make use of your personal information in order to offer our services, ensure safe trading, enhance user experience, share marketing offers, promoting activities pertaining to Quickhal, provide information of requisite interest of the users, resolving problems of disputable nature and enforcing our policies at requisite scenarios.


Access, Modification, and Deletion

The users of Quickhal have the privilege to view, modify or remove your personal information by means of review of postings available to the user. The personal information of the user is removed from our website as long it is not deemed to fit the need to be visible for any of the described purposes.



All the information on our website is strictly published complying with the Privacy Policy of Quickhal. We ensure confidentiality of all the personal information of the users and do not intend to disclose any such information to any unrelated external or third parties. The privacy of our users is critical to us. We will not publish, use, collect, or distribute any of your personal information without the consent of the user.


Using Information from Quickhal

You may use information of a user only to follow-up on specific postings and by no means should use it for spam/phishing or other illegal purposes.