About Us

How we grew into what we are today.

About Us

Quick Hal is the platform run under the aegis of 6ixwebsite Technology- a leading IT and web solution company based in New Delhi. The idea behind starting Quick Hal clicked during the discussion between the developers of 6ixwebsooft Technology, visiting educators and the students. It was indeed an engaging discussion, where the developers noticed the problems faced by student and the teaching community. Further discussions reveled that there was overwhelming need for an interface, which could add transparency for better networking and building trust. In simple terms, at Quick Hal, we are here to help students and the tutors to get connected and make a quick decision by relating their needs closely.

Quick Hal: Overcoming Gray Areas in Learning and Education

Teachers and students for a long time were facing problems, when they connected with each other. On some occasions, teachers tutoring the students had to experience attrition when the students left after taking three or four free lectures. This type of situation was really frustrating for the teaching community, especially because the teachers did not receive the fee for lectures. On the contrary, students too had to face similar type of problems, when the teacher who tutored them left the lectures due to random transfers, and sometimes for unknown reasons. In either of the situations, teachers and students got into critical problems. The biggest drawback was that learning did not occur in the entire process.

Why Quick Hal is Unique

Quick Hal introduces educators and the students to a new way of networking. It offers reliable and non-recurrent leads to the educators. The leads have fairly high conversion rate, promising turnaround times, and the purpose of educator is resolved. Being young and innovative, Quick Hal has brought a huge difference in learning and presentation of ideas between student community and the educators,

  • Specialized in lead generation related to any subject/course;
  • Highly targeted leads for the tutors
  • Don’t have to pay for the bids, if these are not materialized;
  • Only original leads are sent
  • No recurrent leads circulated
  • Quick leads and high conversion rate
  • Data Research & Lead Identification
  • Phone Surveys
  • Complete Time Saving Interaction

Quick Hal is the quickest possible way to establish legitimate communication between the teaching and the student community, and as the result of this communication establish a mutually beneficial association. Our online platform offers the secured way to develop an interaction between relevant teacher sand appropriate student.

Our Timeline

Our Story told in a few lines.

We work hard to build a great product that is beautifully designed, simple to use, user friendly with great focus on user experience and customer service.

Our Team

Our Brilliant and Harworking Team.

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